Wedding Update: Dress Shopping

I've been doing a bit more on the wedding front and wanted to give a little update on dress shopping! About a month ago, all of my bridesmaids joined my mom and I for a morning of wedding dress shopping. We visited two different stores - The Dress Theory and Calla Bridal - and both of them were so great. 

I tried on a ton of dresses, most of them picked out by these girls right here (and my mom, not pictured here sadly): 
Jamie, Cassie, Rachel, Kendra, and my sis Alyssa
I really wasn't sure what the experience would be like, but I truly loved it. It was probably the first time I felt very much like a girl on the path to getting married. And when I found the dress, I definitely knew it. I went back about a week late with my mom to try it on again, and I placed the order that day. My dress is a Modern Trousseau, and isn't pictured here, but I'll of course show it to you after the big day! 

I can't wait to stand with these girls beside me as I marry Travis! This is not my dress, to be clear.
Afterwards we all went to get lunch and then later that night, we met up with Travis and all of his groomsmen and our families for a dinner party to celebrate our engagement. It was the greatest night, and it made Travis and I both so excited for our wedding next January. 

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Posted on March 18, 2014 .