Life Update: Trav's New Job

I rarely write about this handsome gent on the blog (or maybe I do more than I intend to, which is super likely) but for the last year and a half, he's been working at Starbucks while putting himself through an Advanced Paralegal program in school. And earlier this month, Trav got a job as a paralegal! 

While it has been a bit of an adjustment to our schedules, I couldn't be more proud of him. In the mornings now, we get up around the same time, eat breakfast together, and then leave the house together. It has led to better sleep for me and more sleep for him (no more 4:30am alarm clock for his early Starbucks shifts) - and way healthier weekday eating. 

It's also been fun to turn the camera around a few times a week on him. I sure do love a man in a suit—especially this one!

Trav already had a couple of suits (a black suit and a dark gray suit), but he wanted to round out his options a bit, so we headed to Men's Wearhouse during a promotion to pick up a few more. He picked out a light gray, a navy, and a brown, and now has lots of options for the four days a week he's in a suit. 

My dad happens to wear the same size shirt as Trav, and since he's retired, he handed over about 10 dress shirts and close to 80 ties, which meant we could spend a bit more on some extra-nice suits since that's literally all that he needed. 

He looks pretty sharp, right?!

I'll provide a quick update on our eating goals for breakfast and lunch next week. We've been hitting it out of the park and I couldn't feel much better about it than I do! Now we just have to adjust our evening schedule a bit in order to start putting the same amount of thought into dinner as we do to lunch and breakfast. 

Posted on March 28, 2014 .