Improving Our Eating Habits

This post was supposed to go up on Friday, but I was so swamped with work in Nashville on Wednesday and Thursday that I didn't get a chance to put any finishing touches on it. So here it is today, instead. And before I dive in, quick reminder: Third Thursday Threads: Remix is this Thursday, March 20.

Travis started a new job last week, and we are now on a more similar work schedule. Because of that, we've decided to get our act together when it comes to weekday breakfast and lunch. We have always been super healthy at dinner; we cook our meals from fresh ingredients, enjoy them together with a glass of wine, and make our best effort to repurpose leftovers into other meals. But we aren't good at breakfast and lunch. We've talked a bit about our goals and I wanted to share them here.

Breakfast Goals:
 1. Eat it. Every day. Follow with coffee once I get to work.
 2. Breakfast should consist of a protein and a fruit, at minimum. This could be a couple of eggs with a banana on the side. Or a protein & greens smoothie with some frozen blueberries thrown in. Or, my favorite lately, a bowl of greek yogurt with sliced strawberries and a bit of almond butter spread on a half english muffin.
 3. Breakfast should be eaten AT HOME. Not on the bus. Not at my desk. Not never. But at home, before leaving. Taking a few minutes for myself in the morning (or with Trav) is a necessary thing, even if that few minutes is literally less than five.
Breakfast Inspiration 

Lunch Goals:
1. Lunch must contain a veggie, preferably in the form of a salad (side salad or salad as full lunch).
 2. Lunch should be prepped the night before, NOT in the morning. I'm way more likely to do it if I do it before bed, especially if I'm chopping up a bunch of veggies for a delicious salad. 
 3. Lunch can be eaten at my desk if I'm swamped, but I need to take at least 15 minutes to go outside and get some fresh air. A walk around the corner for some green juice at Evolution Fresh, a roam around Pike Place Market, or a coffee refresh at Monorail Espresso - all of these help me get outside and away from my desk.
Lunch Inspiration
So help me out, guys and gals. For those of you who work long days, what do you eat to keep yourself fueled all day long? Any tips for grocery shopping, recipes, etc?
Posted on March 17, 2014 .