Guest Post: Sweet Bananie

Hi from Mexico. I am working hard on squeezing in sunshine time amidst the work and am lucky enough to have another guest blogger today. Her name is Annie, her blog is named similarly to one of my childhood nicknames (Brinana, Bananie, you get it right?!), and she's awesome. Check it out below!


Hi there! My name is Annie and I have a little blog called Sweet Bananie, where I post (almost) daily pictures of my outfits. I've been following Bri for over a year now, and really love hearing about her jet-setting job and friendships she's developed through her blog, especially with Fran of Franish

I'm not as gifted at writing outfit posts as Bri, but I'm really trying to grow as a blogger, so, here's my latest outfit post - I like to call this look "Lumberjack Chic." I've fallen in love with plaid flannels this fall & winter, so if there's any opportunity to add another to my collection, I take full advantage! I recently found this buffalo plaid shirt at Akinz Boardwear - it's a local shop that I tell everyone about. Akinz was a t-shirt company that started in Texas and then migrated to beautiful Colorado. It's here that the owner began knitting beanies & hats, since, y'know, it can get pretty cold here in the Rockies. My favorite thing they make? Anything with the Colorado flag on it. We've got a lot of state pride and love showing off our simple, yet elegant and tasteful flag.

My husband got me the knitted headband I'm wearing, as well as a(nother) CO flag t-shirt for Valentine's Day. Then, when my in-laws were in town recently, I took my mother-in-law in to Akinz (Instagam) and found this plaid shirt - it was the only one left in the store, and it was my size. 'Twas meant to be, I tell ya!

So, there you have it - state pride, a favorite trend, and the support of a local shop, 3 of my favorite things in 1 outfit & blog post! Guess I'll call this a productive week month.

I hope you'll come check out my blog and stick around for my weekly feature, "Mr. Picks Mondays." My husband picks something out of my closet that I then style and post on my blog. It started as a bit of joke because I used to joke with him that I have nothing to wear, and I need more clothes (I don't), and it's really evolved into a weekly challenge that I look forward to - he typically chooses a tricky piece that requires some creative styling.

Thanks for reading! Bri, hope you're enjoying your time in Mexico and are able to indulge in at least one margarita ;)
Posted on March 4, 2014 .