Guest Post: She Loved Life

You all know I love a girl in a good pair of Warby Parker nerd glasses. Tomissa and I have been emailing lately and she's one of my new favorite people (I think I have a thing for bloggers from Madison, right Fran?!) and I'm so psyched she was able to guest post while I'm outta town. Check it out!


Hey y’all!  As you know, Bri is off on a wonderful work trip down to Mexico, so I’ll be taking over for the day.  I’m Tomissa, the writer of She Loved Life.  Currently, I’m living in Madison, Wisconsin working for an amazing non-profit where I am able to make a difference in the lives of girls each and every day.  While my work outfits tend to be on the business casual side, I often try to find pieces that can translate out of the office for nights and weekends.

My favorite pieces are those which I can layer.  As Bri has mentioned lately, I am in love with chambray.  Really, anything chambray is perfection.  I recently picked up an adorable shirt dress from Old Navy that I cannot wait to wear all summer long, but in the meantime, I add chambray shirts under sweaters all the time.

cardigan: Gap (similar) // chambray: Old Navy (similar) // jeans: J.Crew // glasses: Warby Parker

Layering allows me to create pieces in my closet to make an outfit, and I love to bring transitional pieces that can work for different days.  During a recent weekend trip to Chicago, I was able to wear the caramel sweater multiple times because it went with different outfits.  When you’re traveling and trying to keep items to a minimum due to space {and let’s be real, forgetfulness} it is critical to think of the different ways to wear pieces of clothing.

Let’s face it, I look forward to casual Fridays almost as much as I look forward to vacations.  Anytime I can show off my layering looks, I’m all for it.

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Posted on March 1, 2014 .