Engagement Photos

On Saturday Travis and I braved the rain to take our engagement photos. We have the best photographer (she was the first plan we made after getting engaged!) and she made the day so much fun for us. Check out her facebook page to see a picture of us from Saturday!

But for now, here are some awesome cell phone closet photos of what I wore.

After Fran recommended it, I quickly signed up for Le Tote, and my first bag arrived on Friday. This top was in it, and I'm so glad it was because it made for the cutest photos. You guys should seriously give it a try - click here to use my referral code (I'll get $25 credit) or here to sign up without. I'll show you what else I got later this week, hopefully. 

Anyway, back to the outfit. For the first outfit, we wanted to be a bit more dressed up, as we knew we'd be spending time inside the fancy winery where we took our photos. Travis and I planned our outfits on Friday night, but of course I woke up Saturday and changed my mind again, which I'm so glad I did, so that this top could be a part of my pictures. 

BTW, the mess in the background? I'm not going to lie. It's always like that. And fixing this room/closet to make it more usable is HIGH on my list of household projects. 

For the second outfit, we wanted to be a bit more casual. The grounds at the winery are amazing, and we knew we'd want to take advantage of them, even in the rain. So while I told you last week I didn't buy this top for engagement pictures, turned out I did without knowing it! Travis wore his favorite grandpa sweater (you can see it hanging in the background) and I loved how cozy and comfortable we both looked. And I mean, engagement pictures without these boots COULD NOT have happened.  

Shirt: Nordstrom
Boots: Sam Edelman
Jeans: LOFT
Necklace: BP

We threw on our Seahawks jerseys and beanies for a few photos at the end, but we didn't need to take pictures of those beforehand, since we live in them during the season, as anyone who follows me on instagram knows!

I can't wait to show you more of the photos. We got a bit wet, but it was still some of the most fun we've had during this wedding planning process!
Posted on March 31, 2014 .