Birthday Dinner at Canlis

For once, I remembered to take pictures of my amazing dinner out. But of course, I forgot to write down what each thing was, so I'll do my best to piece it back together for you. 

On my birthday, we went to Canlis to celebrate my birthday, Travis's new job, and my parents closing on the sale of their house. We did the chef's tasting menu and it was amazing. As much as possible, I try to convince my family and Travis to do the tasting menus at restaurants, and I feel like the luckiest when they want to dive in with me and eat whatever the chef feels like bringing us. 

We started with a little amuse bouche. On the left was a mushroom puree, the center was a soybean cracker, and the far right was their version of a tater tot. All three were incredible. 

Next was the soup. This was a butternut squash and honey crisp apple soup with some smoked paprika on top. I could have had this as my entree and been a happy, happy birthday girl. 

After that we had some white fish ceviche with blood oranges. That sauce was phenomenal, and really cut through the fish flavor. It was super refreshing. 

Then we had a dungeonous crab cake with turnip puree and shaved veggies. Those little crisps on the side were delicious, although I can't remember exactly what they were made of. Fail on my part. 

Next came lobster. It was prepared a few different ways and paired with citrus - some mandarin slices and foam, and then endive shavings. Really, really good. 

Not pictured: my favorite course. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of it. It was poached venison cooked in a wrap of chard and served alongside asparagus. The meat was cooked so perfectly and I couldn't get enough, even though I was so full at this point in the night. 

Of course they brought out dessert with a candle for each of us - mine said "Happy Birthday," Travis's and my mom's and dad's said "Congratulations." This was a chaotic mix of chocolate, passion fruit, vanilla puddings, crumbles, and so much creamy, sweet goodness. A great finish to the night. 

Posted on March 15, 2014 .