Third Thursday Threads: Beauty

Welcome to Third Thursday Threads! I'm so excited to see all of your beauty-related posts, even if it is just talking about your favorite hair product, lipstick color, or nail polish. The link up is below and will be live for a whole week - feel free to link up more than one post if you want! 

I've talked about it briefly before, but I wanted to highlight my hair-washing routine again. Day one you tend to see me with straight hair; it has been washed, conditioned, and blow dried. Sometimes I'll straighten a few pieces, but my hair dries pretty straight. 

Day two is typically worn curly. I use a 3/4" barrel curling iron and it takes me about 15 minutes, which isn't bad considering I get to skip washing my hair on these days. If there are a few greasy spots, I use this and it really helps. Pro tip: try to curl away from your face on both sides - this way, as the curls relax into waves, they look much more natural. 

Day three is my favorite. I brush out all of the curls, throw it into a bun, top it with a little bit of hairspray, and I'm good to go. Lately I've just been grabbing my hair up top, twisting it around in a full circle, and securing it with a single hair elastic. No fancy sock buns, teasing, or anything; I find that I like it to look a little smaller and wimpier now that I have the ombre thing going on. 

Boots: Sam Edelman
Sweater: RVCA
Nerd Glasses: Warby Parker

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Day three is always followed by a wash day, and the routine kind of repeats its way from there. Sometimes I skip a step, or repeat straight hair thrown into a ponytail on day two, or make some kind of change, but for the most part, this is my weekly routine.

Can't wait to learn some beauty tips from you all! Link up below. And remember, here are some rules:
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