Senior Pictures

These pictures look like they should be my high school senior photos. Remember those? If not, just take a look below and you'll have flashbacks to awkward poses in your favorite outfit in a field of tall grasses. Seriously.

Also, thanks for all of the awesome tips and comments and feedback on the Third Thursday Threads: Beauty Link-Up. It isn't too late to go link up if you want to join in! A lot of you mentioned that your hair gets too oily to go without washing for a day, so here's my tip: try it on a weekend. Pick a lazy weekend day or two that you can let it be greasy, and then deal with it for just one workday - so wash on Saturday, not on Sunday, wash on Monday, not on Tuesday - and you might notice a difference! Again, it isn't for everyone, but that's my recommendation for giving it a try! I'd love to hear how it goes for you all!

I talked about this last week, but how it took me so long to realize a chambray could be layered under literally anything is a mystery to me. I'm so glad I've finally figured it out, and you're now going to see a TON more of my chambray shirts. 

Pants: J. Crew (similar - I LOVE these!)
Sweater: GAP - on huge sale right now!
Chambray: J. Crew Factory
 Boots: Sam Edelman

I'm off to Mexico for a few days for work at the end of this week. Super last-minute request, but anyone interested in guest posting? If so, shoot me a quick email at brimarie(at)workclothesisuppose(dot)com. 

Posted on February 24, 2014 .