The Worst of 2013

Update: I ended my year forgetting to schedule this post for yesterday, so here it is today instead! Happy 2014!! 

I hadn't planned on doing a "worst" of 2013 post, but as I was going through photos to find my favorites, I couldn't help but notice a handful of times where I definitely didn't pull together a winning outfit. Here are the top 6 fails of my 2013 wardrobe. 

1. Neon. I just don't like this outfit. I don't like my hair. I don't like my lack of makeup. I don't like that I have so few accessories. I don't like that I wouldn't actually wear this to work without a cardigan, yet I didn't photograph it with said cardigan. Neon and I broke up after this day. 

2. Proportions. I don't love the way this outfit fits together. The cardigan shape with the long shapeless tank just isn't flattering. Win some, lose some. 

3. Proportions, again. Shirt too long for such a cropped blazer. Definitely need a longer blazer, without a curved shape, for this outfit. 
 4. Static. The way this sweater is clinging to me just felt really sloppy. Overall the whole look felt sloppy, actually. More polish is needed with such hectic pants!

5. Ironing. Oh what a difference my new ironing board would make on this outfit. I ended up getting rid of this shirt - it was impossible to keep pressed and constantly looked like this. 

6. Slouchy. I just didn't love the way this look came together, despite liking it in theory. I think the sweater felt too shapeless over a straight-lined skirt. 

Posted on January 2, 2014 .