2014 Goals

I'm not a resolution-maker. I never really have been, and I'm okay with that. But here's what I will be focusing on around here in 2014: 

1. Taking more pictures. Remember when I used to do a weekend wrap-up? I can't do that anymore because I've stopped taking as many photos. In 2014 I hope to bring my camera out more and take pictures of living this amazing life, and not just what I'm wearing. 

2. Planning a wedding. This has to be way up on the list, because in January 2015 Travis and I will be tying the knot. It seems like a lot of you would like to hear how planning is going, so I will spend a bit of time each month sharing the details. 

3. Interacting more with readers and other bloggers. I spend most of my day at work on the computer, so I don't spend a lot of time outside of work sitting in front of it. Most of the time I read your blogs is on the bus commute to and from the office each day, and I really struggle to comment from my phone. This year I'll focus on interacting more, whether it be through link-ups, comments, or even just plain old emails! I get so much inspiration from all of you, and want to make sure you know it. 

4. Spending less. I've taken a couple of months off of budgeting with Fran, mostly because I've been struggling to even pull together a basic outfit post during the insanity of the holidays. I'll be picking up that series again in 2014 and while I haven't figured out exactly where that budget number should be for the year, I'll make sure to let you know soon and I'll be sharing details of exactly how I'm sticking to it. 

5. Finishing what I start. You guys, my closet overhaul still isn't finished. I have 4 or so boxes of clothes that need to be sold/donated, I have new hangers that need to be swapped in for space-saving, and I have a lot of new organizing pieces that I need to get set-up. And then I need to share some updates. Point being, I'm not always so great at follow-through on the blog, so I'll be finishing what I start more of the time in 2014. 

Posted on January 3, 2014 .