Hawaii - Waimea Canyon

I know every blogger does it differently, but to let you into my world a little bit, I'm typically posting photos I wore at least 3 days prior to the post, and I always post things I actually wore—all day. And while I did a really great job photographing outfits before I was in Hawaii, I didn't wear much of anything while on vacation. Most days were spent in a bikini with either a sundress or shorts & a tank thrown over. 

This is what most days looked like: 
hair up, sunglasses, flip flops, cuffed jhorts, and an oversized tank. Oh, and a ring. A really beautiful sparkly aquamarine engagement ring. But enough about that.

Side note: my sis does this all over the place - it is kind of her signature hike/adventure photo.
She's pretty incredible, no? 

Side note: The Waimea Canyon is freaking gorgeous. Unbelievable colors of rock and bright green growth contrast with the sky and it is unbeatable. 

Shorts: GAP
Sandals: Olukai
Tank: Borrowed, similar
Trav's Tank: Zoo York
Trav's Shorts: J. Crew 

Take me back to this 85 degree weather. Seattle is 27 right now and I just might die. 

Posted on December 4, 2013 .