7th Annual Classy Christmas Cocktail Party

Hope you're all having a wonderful end to an amazing weekend. On Friday we hosted our 7th Annual Classy Christmas Cocktail Party, and I took about 5 photos. Huge fail on my part. But it was a HUGE success and our house was overflowing with our family and friends. This party started in the college years as a way to get together with all of our high school friends, and it had two rules: no jeans, and no beer. The rules have not changed, but the invite list has gotten longer and longer as our friends have paired up and as our circle of close friends has changed and grown. I look forward to this party all fall and winter, and this year did not disappoint. 

Katrina (of The Demure Muse) stopped by and it made my night! I love how my blog friends have turned into real life friends. Can't wait to show you all the insanely beautiful necklace she got me as a gift!

Anika, Nellie, Serena and me. Cannot wait for Nellie's wedding in just a couple of weeks!!

The one drinking photo I'll show. Blackberry moonshine shots. Enough said. 

I'm hosting a super-fun giveaway tomorrow with a handful of other amazing bloggers, so make sure to come back by. And then all week I'll be catching up on some outfit posts. So nice to be done with work travel for the year!
Posted on December 15, 2013 .