2013 Favorites

I loved looking back at the posts that were the most-viewed in 2013, but I had even more fun clicking through every post and picking my favorite outfits of the year. One thing I noticed - I tend to like my outfits more if I actually do my hair and accessorize, so that's something I'll try to focus more on in 2014. Until then, here are my six favorite blogged outfits of 2013 (I couldn't pick just 5!):

1. Mixing Neutrals. If I had to sum up the year of style for me, mixing neutrals would be it. This was a year of experimenting with camels, browns, blacks, creams, olives, and grays, and I ended up loving outfits the most when they contained at least two of those neutrals. See other examples of this here, here, and here

 2. The Maxi.
I wore the crap out of this maxi in 2013, but didn't photograph it as often as I should have. I also played more with maxi dresses and a colored maxi

 3. Print Mixing.
Mixing prints was definitely a big thing on the blog even in 2012, but in 2013, it became so much more natural. I specifically loved this outfit because I remember getting to work and having a co-worker comment on my pattern mixing, and I hadn't even noticed I'd done it. It just felt right, I guess. Other examples of pattern mixing are all over the blog, but here is a favorite. 

 4. The Button-Down.
I have forever hated and been afraid of button downs, and in 2013, that really changed. I surprised myself by layering a button-down under a cowlneck sweaterdress, and I couldn't have been happier with the result. Good news: I got an ironing board for Christmas, so now I can actually wear these shirts without covering them up, as they will be wrinkle-free!

 5. Patterned Pants.
These are the boldest, and I wore the crap out of them, but I also had a couple of other patterned pants that made an appearance this year (here, here, and here). Huge step for me, and so glad I took the risk. This specific outfit is also a favorite because I wore it when Fran was in town - the night we met Lindsay, Katrina, and Kimmie!

6. The Nerd Glasses.
These Warby Parker glasses are my second-favorite accessory (first is my engagement ring...does that count?) and I loved the way they transformed simple outfits. Plus, they totally work with messy hair, one of my favorite things. See how else I've worn them, here

Tomorrow I'll show off some of my least favorite outfits of 2013. And then we'll forget all of them ever happened and we'll move on to a great 2014!

Posted on December 31, 2013 .