Things I Need This Fall

I am terrible at wish lists. But there are three things I am seriously lusting after right now, so I thought I'd share:

1. Black Boyfriend Cardigan. 
I'm not sure how I don't have one of these yet. Maybe because I have about 4 gray ones?! Such strange shopping habits in my past...

 2. Black Leather Jacket.
I have a brown one with an asymmetrical zipper, and now am really lusting after the motorcycle trend in black. This is a must-have this fall for me!

3. Burnt Orange Cords.
I've wanted a pair like this ever since seeing it on Pinterest last year and begging Merrick for a swap. They are finally back at Anthropologie, and I'm headed there this week to try them on. Fingers crossed!

Also, I already realized I missed two things on my budget post yesterday:

1. Wedge Lace-Up Booties, Target, $35

2. Dot Dress, LOFT, $11
Posted on November 6, 2013 .