Unsure: Olive Green Tee

Know how I'm trying to clean out my closets? And get rid of things that don't fit, flatter, or are never worn?

This shirt stumps me. I love how soft it is. I love the little details (silk pocket, chain in neck hem). When wearing it tucked into a skirt, or with leggings, I find myself being pretty happy all day.

But then I look at these pictures. And I'm not sure if it meets the "flatter" guidelines. Or maybe I just styled it poorly here? 

What do you guys think? Should it stay or should it go? 

By the way. These pants again. I just can't get enough, seriously. 

With the things I'm on the fence about, I'm going to make an effort to style it, post it, and ask your advice. Would you prefer to leave comments or have a button to vote within the post? For this week, please comment and let me know, and whatever you guys prefer, I'll do from now on!

Posted on October 11, 2013 .