I didn't write a post for today. Didn't plan anything out. Didn't schedule anything to go live. Just forgot. It's like today didn't exist, in my calendar of blog organization.


And yet despite that, I figured I should still drop in. I guess I like coming here to see you every day. Or having you come to see me, I guess. 

So, Hi. Happy Monday. I hope you had a weekend that felt long in the good way. A weekend that dragged on and on and on. In a good way. 

I didn't have that kind of weekend, which is maybe why I just forgot all about writing a post. About picking some pics. About the blogosphere all together.

Since I don't have anything for you, here are a few of my favorite things on other blogs lately:

On Franish today, Fran talks about how she feels when people in real life find out about her internet life. 

On Mix & Match Fashion on Saturday, Tara posted the CUTEST green skirt - and its under $30!

On Rebecca Lately on Friday, Rebecca started a giveaway to celebrate her second blogiversary!

On My New Favorite Outfit today, Ginny is starting a whole week focused on Halloween!

I'll be back tomorrow with an actual post. Hope you're coming up with some great ideas for Thursday's Third Thursday Threads: Menswear-Inspired Outfits Link-Up!
Posted on October 14, 2013 .