Guest Post: justjacq

Hello Work Clothes, I Suppose readers! I'm Jacquelyn from justjacq and this is one of my favorite places to guest post! You can see my previous guest posts here and here! Woah. So Bri and I were supposed to be doing an outfit challenge where we each created a menswear look. Unfortunately my laptop broke a few weeks ago and is in the repair shop hopefully being fixed. What does this have to do with my post? Well I have no way of getting my pictures off of my camera without my laptop! Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately?) I had these pictures on my thumb drive waiting to be used. When my Grandmom was visiting recently she asked if I liked to wear a lot of blue. I kind of scoffed and said no. In the weeks since I realized I do actually wear a lot of blue. Sorry, Grandmom.
This cardigan and dress were both bought on sale from Target. Ever since I began really cutting down on my spending I refuse to buy anything full price at Target. not when things go on sale so often!
I was wondering how I'd be able to continue wearing this dress as the weather cools down. Throwing on a cardigan is a perfect option. Later I'll add some tights and boots!
So back to the blue. One of my favorite looks is to wear multiple pieces in varieties of the same color. Adding my new bubble necklace from Bauble Bar is the perfect addition to the mint cardigan and flats from Old Navy I already owned.
What color have you been wearing a lot of lately? You can see more of my blue outfits here, here, here, and here! Be sure to come visit me! Blog, Bloglovin’, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Posted on October 9, 2013 .