Denver Day 2

The first half of day 2 in Denver was spent with a trip to the same pumpkin patch we visited last year, and my, what a year can change! Last time, Max was only 2 months old, and he did not have even a tiny bit of fun at the pumpkin patch. This year, though, he loved it all! The animals, the tractor ride, the pumpkins themselves; they were all deserving of a smile, a giggle, and lots of clapping. 

Check out the mountains in the background. Pretty incredible views!

Look at that happy kid with his happy parents!

He was a bit too into the pumpkin for photos with Travis & me!

After we were all done at the pumpkin patch, we dropped Max off with a friend so we could have an adults-only night out. Kendra met up with us at a Vodka bar where we tasted a bunch of vodka infusions and had some snacks, and then we headed to a wine bar for a wine flight. After that was a 6-course meal with a fantastic bottle of wine - a really wonderful night! 

Travis and I are already excited for Denver in October 2014 - and maybe before then, too, if my work schedule permits. 
Posted on October 29, 2013 .