Concert Tank

I debated even posting this outfit, but I took the photos, and I'm missing hot weekday evenings, so I figured I'd do a little August flashback. 

I got this tank at Lollapalooza in Chicago with Travis this summer. I think it is the first concert tee I've purchased since Lilith Fair when I went with my dad as a kid. Anyway, this tank quickly became a summer necessity. I wore it constantly with my jean shorts, my white pants, and even my black maxi skirt, as seen here. 

So here's the big question: Can I wear this tank now that it isn't summer? And if so, how do I style it? The colors are bright, it doesn't have sleeves, and yet I'm so in love with it I can't imagine putting it away for a whole 9 months. So help! Suggestions in the comments would be SOOOO very appreciated! 

Posted on October 7, 2013 .