Meet My Closet Series

I want to introduce you all to my closet. Warning: it is a disaster. I did absolutely NO cleaning for these photos, and Travis "put away" the laundry last time, so there are a ton of piles that aren't quite put away. But that's another story...

Oh, and here's my other closet, where I keep work out clothes, hoodies, swimwear, and other random pieces.

And then there's the coat closet, which is absolutely overflowing since Trav moved in.

And lastly, the guest room closet, where overflow from the other three closets lives. I share this with roomie and mostly just put a couple of coats there that I rarely wear, so most of what you see here is hers. 

So you see my problem. Things have gotten a bit out of hand. As you know, I love to shop. And my mother loves to give me hand me downs. And I've been virtually the same size since high school. And I take fairly good care of my belongings. 

All of these things have led to a huge collection of items that go mostly unworn. 
One day each week, we're going to work on this closet of mine. You guys have to help me, okay? 

Here are my rules (I started off with goals but realized I need to be stricter with myself):
1. No shopping until I have empty hangers and a wish list. 
2. Only shopping can be with money made from selling unworn items.
3. If it doesn't fit, it's gone. 
4. If it has tags on it and is more than 3 months old, it's gone. 
5. If it needs alterations, do it now. 

What tips do you have for cleaning out your closet? Would any of you want me to list items for sale to blog readers? I'm really excited to kick this off - hopefully by Halloween I have a totally cleansed wardrobe with empty space and items I love. 
Posted on September 12, 2013 .