I LOVE LOVE LOVE surprises

I had a normal post queued up for today but I just had to interrupt my pre-planned schedule to tell you guys about my weekend. A week or so ago I suggested we get out of town for a night over Labor Day weekend. And then I said nothing else. Trav told me he had planned something, and that he wanted it to be a surprise, and by some miracle, I actually let it happen. I didn't ask a ton of probing questions. I didn't make guesses. I didn't try to micromanage the packing. I just let myself be surprised. 

And it was the greatest ever. I was told we had to be on the road by 9am, so of course I was wide awake at 6 trying to not be like a kid on Christmas morning...but by 8:15am we were off! 

I honestly had NO idea where we were headed at this point.

As we turned off of I-5 south towards the beach, I was still super clueless. We could have been driving up the peninsula, down the coast, or who knows where. As we turned into Westport, Travis told me that we were just picking something up and then continuing the drive. We stopped in downtown Westport, started walking the docks, and pulled up to the Seafood Connection, where Travis told me we were picking up dinner. 

The Seafood Connection. So amazing. 
After grabbing a couple of live crab and a pound of prawns, we were back on the road. Again, I had no idea where we were headed. So when we pulled into the Grayland Beach State Park, I was jazzed. Camping by the beach?! Yes, please! Only, Travis wouldn't let me get out of the car. And then he came back and told us we had some time to kill, so we headed to the beach. 

This is the face of a guy who's been keeping secrets all day. 
And the face of a girl who REALLY wants to know where we are sleeping. 
About an hour later, we pulled back into the campground and drove to this place: 
A yurt! I've always wanted to stay in a yurt. Always! 
Proud of himself for planning such a surprise, and keeping the secret!

We had the greatest night. We unpacked, went to the beach and played in the ocean and sand for a couple of hours, and then headed back to the campsite to get our crab boil started. 
Sunshine at the beach. Heaven. 
So happy to be holding a live crab, apparently. 
How good does all of this look?!?
The "after" photo. 
Sunset after dinner. 
After dinner we got a fire going, enjoyed the starry skies, and devoured some s'mores. 

And you guys. It rained overnight. Let me tell you - hearing the rain on the roof of the yurt was awesome. And I know from experience that hearing the rain on the roof of your tent is NOT awesome. The yurt was totally worth it!

Cooking breakfast before heading back on the road. 
On our drive home we stopped to pick up some more crab, which we just devoured for dinner. I might be addicted. 

Back home with more live crab. Happy, happy girl. 
Basically, Travis is the greatest. And he has a birthday coming up (this Friday!) so I've gotta get my act together and make sure he feels as loved as I did this weekend! Any suggestions?!?! 

Posted on September 3, 2013 .