Work Trip Evenings

Sometimes when I start writing posts I start them as a letter, and I get so confused about my format and how I normally write that I just sit here staring at the blogger page for a few minutes totally lost. Aaaannnnyyyyways...

I've shown you guys work packing trip tips before, but I rarely have the chance to show you what those evening outfits actually end up looking like for me. I typically try to make a really simple change (read: quick because I work with men and so we always decide on a 15-minute break to run to our rooms and freshen up before dinner) and keep it work appropriate without being stuffy, as we often end up going out with customers or partners late into the night, and wearing slacks past 9pm is a huge no-no in my book. 

This is what that looks like. 

Jeans: LOFT
Tank: Nordstrom (unavailable, similar)
Loafers: Nordstrom
Cardigan: Nordstrom
(All Nordstrom items were from the Anniversary Sale, so prices have gone up a bit since.)

I'll do my best to get a few photos taken this week while in San Francisco so I can show you more of my default work trip outfits. I spend a lot of time in these clothes, so I figure it's only fair I let you in! 

Posted on August 26, 2013 .