Alaska Recap: Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 yet, you can find it here. Also, don't forget tomorrow is Third Thursday Threads: Geometric Prints. Cannot wait to see what you come up with! Okay, now on to Part 2 of my Alaska Recap. 

The next day, we came to port in Skagway, where we went zip-lining. Travis hadn't been before, and it had been a while since I had, and we had a blast. I have a couple of fun videos I might share later, but for now, this is us all geared up to zip-line. 

It was a blast, and a really good way to spend the day in Skagway. 

The next day was Ketchikan, were I made it my mission to find a bear in the wild. Spoiler Alert: I failed. No bear sightings the ENTIRE cruise. Super disappointing, but also okay, because we saw tons of whales, eagles, and other wildlife the entire time. 

Ketchikan had a cute little town that we wandered through briefly while following all of the salmon upstream. So. Many. Salmon. 

The creek in Ketchikan. 
A super happy seal swimming amongst salmon and chowing down whenever he felt like it. 
I know it is hard to tell, but that is a salmon swimming against that enormous flow of water trying to get INTO that pipe. Insane. 
Not many outfit pics taken on days we wandered around, but this is what I wore in Ketchikan. 
After that, we had another day at sea, where we took no photos because we were having too much fun snuggling up in the bar with our kindles or a deck of cards and a glass of wine. Then we had a day in Vancouver, BC, once we got off the ship, where we roamed through Seward Park before taking the Bolt Bus back home. Here are a couple photos of Vancouver:

Balancing rocks in Stanley Park. 
Final photo together on the trip. 
You guys, this trip was seriously the best ever. The views were breathtaking - constantly. The wildlife kept me alert and interested - at any time we could cruise right near a giant pod of whales (of course not photographed). Seeing Alaska had always been something on my bucket list, and seeing it from a cruise in the middle of summer was the right way to do it. 

If you are headed to Alaska and want any advice, let me know! I'm definitely not an expert, but I'm happy to share more about what exactly we did and what we loved!
Posted on August 14, 2013 .