Alaska Recap: Part 1 (SO MANY PICTURES)

So as you likely have read already around here, Travis went commercial fishing for six weeks in Dillingham, Alaska. I've marked both Dillingham and Anchorage, where we first met up on day one of the trip, on this map:

I was SO excited and nervous and ready to see Travis and when I got off the plane, he was waiting for me with his long hair and his huge fisherman's beard. Despite his scruff, I was unable to hide how happy I was to see him. Anyway, here are a couple of snapshots of our time in Anchorage, where we spent 2 days before we hopped on a train to Whittier, where we'd board our cruise.
First picture together at the Anchorage Airport
Touring around Anchorage together. 
First view of the cruise ship from the train. 

The cruise started off wonderfully. We even arrived in our room to chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne!

Our first day at sea we were out on the deck drinking mai tais and enjoying the 80 degree weather. I even got sunburnt on our first day! We sailed by the Hubbard Glacier, and it was absolutely phenomenal! 

For photos of that night, check out this post. 

The first stop was in Icy Strait Point on the third day of our cruise, and in Icy Strait we went kayaking. It was refreshing to finally have some Alaska weather, and it really didn't bother me to get wet while out on the water, especially since it wasn't cold out. You guys - I lost all of the kayaking photos. And using magic software I downloaded from the internet that first made my computer crash (ugh) I was able to recover a handful of them. Here's just a few shots of our rainy (yet so amazing) kayaking day. 

Getting all strapped in. 
Super unimpressed with my constant photo-taking.
Really round face here. But that's our boat in the background. Pretty fun. 

After Icy Strait Point, we headed to Juneau, where we met up with my aunt and uncle for a morning of touring around. In Juneau we saw hundreds of salmon swimming upstream to spawn, hundreds of bald eagles, and the Mendenhall Glacier. 
The monstrous Mendenhall Glacier. 
Taking in the sights. 
With my aunt Jani and uncle Dale. 
Matching stripes in Juneau. 
Sockeye salmon turn dark red when they swim upstream to spawn!
After Juneau, we hopped back on the boat to sail through the Tracy Arm and by Sawyer Glacier. 

Bundled up to head out on deck to watch as we cruised through the ice fields of Tracy Arm. 
We went SO close to these huge ice chunks through the most vibrantly green water.  
Bundled up and enjoying the sights. 
More to come from the rest of our cruise on Friday. Be sure to come back tomorrow to learn the theme for next Thursday's Third Thursday Threads!! Oh, and don't forget to head over to Chippmunk to vote for me! Thanks so much for all of the support so far :) 

Posted on August 7, 2013 .