Tip Tuesday with Just Jacq: Packing Tips

I'm way excited to be co-hosting with Jacquelyn for her weekly installment of helpful tips - one of my favorite new series! This week we are focusing on something I know A LOT about: packing! I'd love for you to join us with some of your packing tips - and they don't have to be travel packing: how do you pack your purse for a day of shopping, how do you pack when you move homes or apartments, how do you pack your lunch, how do you pack a punch (okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea) - be creative!

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Now, on to my tips:

This link-up comes at the perfect time, because as you know, I'm headed out to Alaska on Saturday for a week-long cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver, BC. I then turn around and head immediately out on a work trip. So this week I've been spending time packing 3 entire suitcases: two for the cruise, and one for Chicago. Even more challenging: I'm packing for Travis AND for me. For the work trip portion, I'll definitely reference my previous post on packing for work trips

So here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are ever as crazy as I have been in this planning process and need to pack A TON at once.

1. Make a list. I know it sounds silly, but for a vacation, it helps to have a list of the things you'll need. I use the reminder app on my iPhone so that I can have lots of lists at once, and check things off as I go.

2. Put on a comfy outfit and some music. I know this sounds silly, but it is so important. For me, I go back and forth between two different rooms while packing, and I'm sitting on the floor while I fold/pack, so I like to be relaxed and comfortable. While you're at it, turn on some music and turn it up real loud. I swear, this part is important.

3. Gather items for the trip. I won't bore you with lots of photos of suitcases, but since I'm pretty visual, I laid out both suitcases and then started a massive pile of all of the clothes I needed for Travis (it was easier to start with him because he will basically wear jeans and a tee every day with sweaters or jackets). Once I have the huge pile, I separated his clothes into two suitcases. This is important: if you are traveling with someone, don't put all of your clothes in one, and all of theirs in another - mix them, so then if one suitcase gets lost, you're likely to have at least half of your items to help you get by. 

4. Then, to make the suitcases manageable - make sure heavy stuff is on the end with the wheels, and make sure you fold, roll, and pack tight to start. You'll be so much happier if you have extra room at the end to spread stuff back out a little bit. 

I have a lot more where this came from. For more tips, check out everyone who has linked up below! 

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Posted on July 16, 2013 .