This week on WCIS

Hi! Here's what's coming this week on WCIS:
Monday: Sponsor post - come meet Valerie from The Style Files
Tuesday: Tip Tuesday link-up with Just Jacq - Packing Tips
Wednesday: An overnight headband curls VIDEO tutorial. I still hate the sound of my voice, but you've asked for more help on the curls, so here they are!
Thursday: Third Thursday Threads: Stripes. Hope you're working on your outfits for the link-up!
Friday: Part 2 of Fran's Visit to Seattle. She's done such a good job summarizing our time together, I was debating skipping this, but I have just a few more pics to share that I don't want you to miss!

Fran and I posing with the sunshine (and wine) at my parents house. Just cuz a post isn't a post without a picture, duh. :) 

PS. If you have a minute and haven't voted yet, head on over to Chippmunk and click on the little heart to vote for me! It doesn't require any sign up.
Posted on July 14, 2013 .