June Budget

Franish's Budgeting Bloggers series is supposed to keep me in check, and here I am procrastinating to more than a full week after she posted June's budget. 

But guys, I'm not totally ignoring it. So that's good.

After May's OOPS budget, we all agreed that I needed to tighten up and spend less this month (and I even returned a bunch of stuff), and I'm so proud to announce that I did! I hardly bought anything at all, actually. Here's how it looks:

H&M Neon Sleeveless Blouse, $12.95, worn here, super similar here

Anthropologie Embroidered Tee, $29.95, here

And THAT IS ALL. Pretty amazing, right? 

July is going to be a bit more like May, I think. Fran is coming to visit and we'll be spending some time with Kimmie and Katrina which means we'll definitely do some shopping. Let's hope I can learn all of their sale-shopping secrets!
Posted on July 3, 2013 .