Help Wanted: The Chaos Returns

I've absolutely loved having this extended period of time where I get to sleep in my bed every night, but that time is soon coming to a close again. 

Next week, I'll be in town, but I'll be at work for 12-15 hours each day. 
The week after, I GO TO ALASKA TO SEE TRAVIS and we cruise home for 7 days.
Can't wait to see this guy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The day I get home from our cruise, I turn back around and head to Chicago for an entire week.

Basically, I need some help so that I don't totally disappear from this online world of mine. If you're interested in guest posting while I'm out and about, please email me (brimarie [at] workclothesisuppose [dot] com) or leave a comment here with your contact information. 

Posted on July 13, 2013 .