Guest Post: Pooka Pooka Pooka

I'm officially off in Alaska getting ready to hop on board our cruise. You guys, I'm so unbelievably excited. Let's get this guest post series started, what do you say?! PS. Don't forget to vote for me on Chippmunk!


Hey y'all.. I'm Suzanne from Bri has graciously allowed me to guest post for her and I am sooooooooo excited because truth be told.. I BEGGED her to let me do it!!!!
I am a Goodwill, Salvation Army, Target obsessed blogger who LOVES TV, shopping, and I also occasionally teach first grade... I found Bri a couple of months ago and I love her fashion, but more than that I think love her house!!! I totally copied this chair off her blog..
She had this pic of her chairs..
and I seriously had to have the chair!!! (Love the outfit too and I probably will copy that too!!)
Posted on July 21, 2013 .