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I'm officially home from Alaska - well, home isn't quite the right word, because I'm already over in Chicago. Jacquelyn wrote the perfect post for you guys today, all about the best multi-use pieces to make packing for a trip easy!


Hi Work Clothes, I Suppose readers! I'm Jacquelyn from justjacq and I'm back! I've guest posted here before and it's one of my favorite places to stop by and visit. Bri is always packing and traveling, packing and traveling, packing and traveling so I thought I'd share a few of my tips for shopping for clothes that work in multiple occasions. A year ago I had a job where I too traveled for work and often had to pack a lot of different outfits. I needed ones that worked for walking around campus all day carrying a heavy bag and not looking like one of the students, for any dinners I would take professors out on, for driving long distances, and for working out. If I was traveling for a work conference, I needed both professional and fun outfits and if I was going to NYC or Boston to one of the offices, I needed office appropriate clothes. I quickly adapted my shopping habits towards this and became pretty good at identifying the multi-use clothes.

 1. The LBD. I think this item is included on every stylist's list of must own items, but my tips are a little different. They usually suggest one that can go from the office to cocktail hour, but I suggest one that can go from walking around to a dinner (that distinction might not be that different, but it is). If you go with the stylists suggestion you might end up with something like this.

Super cute. Actually, I really like it the more I look at it. But I can only think of a few places this works in: the office, cocktail hour, and a wedding. My black dress can go to the office (in fact, I'm wearing it right now at work), running errands, a date, traveling, a traveling sales job where you want to be comfortable and professional, and out to dinner.
  black dress 1 black dress
 Sorry, maybe not the best pics. But lets go through the dress. It's fitted on the top, and loose on the bottom with the cinch at an empire waist. It goes to just above my knees making it appropriate for any occassion. The sleeves are a thick tank top, again it's approrpriate. I can wear it in the summer with sandals or flats and in the winter with stockings or leggings. Any type of shoe works-- flats, heels, sandals, boots-- and any type of cover up works-- sweater, cardigan, blazer. I have worn this dress to death. I have this dress in Navy, but it would be a great LBD option.

2. White and grey t shirts. These are perfect because you can wear to anything with anything. Throw on a blazer and you're fancy. Wear it with shorts and you're casual. Tuck it into a skirt and you're trendy. It's really easy. Change the look with different accessories and you've got multiple outfits in one $10 T.
  greyt 4 088 465

3. Nude flats. These are great because once again, they go from casual to fancy. 481

 4. A gray cardi. Can you tell I love gray? Once again, they go with anything and are a perfect layering piece.
I wear this cardi so often I was surprised this was the only picture I could find!

 5. Dark wash straight jeans. I am reluctant to say skinny because 1. skinny doesn't always work for my body type and 2. I don't mean the peal them off skinny jeans! I think we all know why these works so I'll save you from another picture of me. Finally, when I was searching for a picture of the gray cardi, I found this one with me wearing almost everything I recommended. I'm wearing the LBD and nude flats. My cardi is a fun striped one and I have leggings on for the winter time. See how versatile this dress is?

 I hope this helps you see clothes in a new light! Visit me at justjacq, through Bloglovin, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Posted on July 30, 2013 .