Guest Post: Franish

You all know how much I love today's guest poster: Fran from Franish. Her visit to Seattle took our internet friendship to the real world and I couldn't be happier. She's truly the best. And that's all the intro she needs...


I've been following Bri's blog for just about as long as I've had my own, and it wasn't until I decided to go back to the beginning of hers that I realized how much I've learned from her, so as a tribute to my BIF (that's best internet friend), here are the top seven things that Bri has taught me.

1. What the Reminders App is.

I just got my first iPhone in December and I feel about 3 years behind everyone. I still don't know how to do caps lock but thanks to Bri, I now know how to make a list of items. Her packing post has lots of other handy info, but I may have learned the most about my own phone.

2. How to wear neon without being 80s.

You all know that I don't do neon, but Bri showed me that it's possible to wear it without looking like we're back in the early 90s. Pairing a "muted" neon shirt with a crisp white skirt and cognac accessories keeps the look current, on trend, and still work appropriate. Two thumbs up BIF!

3. That blogging is for fun.

It's easy to get caught up in the "business" of blogging - sponsorship, the goodies, the ad space, the affiliate linking. In the end, Bri reminded me of the reason I started to blog - for fun. I love connecting with other women across the planet who enjoy the same things I do, but that in the end, blogging is not my job. Bri has an awesome career (seriously, I saw her at work on my visit and I was just so impressed by her), and I'm starting mine right now with the next four years of medical school, so it's important to be reminded that this is a hobby, and not something I will pay all my bills with.

4. How badly I want red colored slacks.

I know most of you probably haven't seen Bri in real life, but I have, and her red pants look AMAZING on her. Like, I think dress pants in general are somewhat unflattering (on me), but hers fit her perfectly. Seeing how great hers look on her in person has put a new energy into my search for the perfect red slack. DAMN GIRL, MY BUDGET!

5. A black pleated skirt must also be mine.

and then I will take pictures like this:

because when you have a pretty skirt, there's no other option.

6. That work clothes can be cute.

I remember the first time I was like ...this girl is cute and I want to follow her blog. It's when I saw this outfit:

dress pants, no cleavage, nothing too tight, but still youthful and fun. Doesn't she look great? Seriously, I wish I could look like this in my work clothes (I suppose). Bri has the perfect mix of being appropriately dressed for situations where she is the boss, but still looks like a woman in her 20s having fun with clothes. 

7. How much I love Seattle

Bri spent a week showing me how amazing Seattle is. I'm already scheming on how I can get her to invite me back because I loved it that much. If you missed it, here are all the things we did!

What has Bri taught you?

Posted on July 31, 2013 .