Fran's Visit to Seattle: Part 1

Did you guys know Fran came to Seattle for a visit? Oh, you did? Weird. Who told you? Anyway, here's my version of the story:

Fran got in last Friday night, and we quickly went to Ray's to get drunk a drink so that we wouldn't be too uncomfortable around each other as strangers could enjoy the gorgeous views and spend some time with Kimmie. Then we did some other stuff in my hood.

Saturday started with some downtown time. We got Top Pot donuts, Starbucks coffee, and then headed into Pike Place Market. 

Gum for the gum wall. 
The gum wall. 
Fran sitting on Rachel, just before she donated $1 to the market fund!
Fran, touristing. 
After dodging crowds to see some fish fly and see the original Starbucks, we headed up to ride the ducks, ugh (guys, this is my favorite. if you ever come to Seattle I'll pretend I hate touristy activities, but I LOVE THIS ONE!)

How can you not love driving a car/boat into the water to see things like this:

Seriously, gorgeous. After that we headed up to my parents house because Fran and I couldn't possibly walk around any more I wanted to show her that Seattle is definitely warm enough to have pools in your backyard. Plus, after a fulllll day of touring, we were in desperate need of some relaxation.

And then after that I stopped taking photos. No, really. I did. Because guys, FRAN INSTAGRAMS EVERYTHING. It's the best. 

For example, here's what we ate on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. Because I know you all are super interested in that...

But in all honesty, I will be back next week with a bit more of our time together, only because I seriously had the best time ever and I want you guys to fully understand that. For now, have a happy Friday!

Posted on July 12, 2013 .