Not For Today

I'm in Orlando right now, on my last work trip until August. Goodness gracious, I cannot wait to have a few weeks off from travel to be at home every night after my work day. And then I get to go to Alaska and see Travis and cruise through the Inner Passage. 25 days and counting!!!! 

Point being, I'm in Orlando right now, and I absolutely could not wear this outfit here. Today it was 85+ degrees with 75+% humidity, and I would die if I tried to wear my awesome North Face trench or my wool skirt. Side note: boyfriend accidentally dried this skirt. It is no more. Tragedy. 

But for the day two weeks ago when I wore this in Seattle? When it was drizzly and brisk in the morning but sunny and gorgeous in the afternoon? Then, this outfit was perfection. 

Popover: J. Crew Factory
Heels: Bandolino 
Watch: Vince Camuto

Posting might be a bit sporadic this week as I'm at a super-busy tradeshow (did I mention its the last one until August?!) but I'll do my best to post when I can!

Posted on June 25, 2013 .