Hair Straightener

No? Me neither. 

I went months without replacing it. And I think my hair really liked it. But I can only be that wavy-haired hippie for so long before I start to really hate wearing my hair up or curly every day. A few weeks ago I finally bought a new straightener - one I'd heard a lot of really good things about and that I thought would be perfect for travel because of the low price-point. I mean, you can't beat $30 for something that actually straightens my hair, is small enough to live permanently in my suitcase, and makes my hair shiny and healthy-looking instead of damaged and dry!

I'm super impressed. Impressed enough that now I'm considering an investment in one of the nicer Jose Eber flatirons to keep at home. Once again I'm stuck on which one to get, so I thought I'd ask for any advice. Do any of you use them? Or have you heard of which ones are supposed to be the best? 

I really wish there was a try & buy program for stuff like this...
Posted on June 22, 2013 .