Guest Post: Tegan from EnLove With Life

Today is my final day on the road and I am SO ready to get home. Next week I'm in the office all 5 days and as odd as it sounds, I'm so ready to have some time to get caught up and work work work. Tegan's blog is newer to me than the rest I'm featuring this week, and I really really love it. 

Hey everyone! My name is Tegan and I blog over at EnLove With Life!

The lovely Bri has been kind enough to invite me over to her space today
to talk with you all about the one summer staple you all must absolutely have in your closets!

Okay, so I am not actually going to tell you that you all have to rush out and buy this.
That's not my style.
BUT what I will say is that if you are trying to buy strategic pieces for summer,
this is a great item!

White blazers are great because they go with anything.
Seriously, anything in your closet you can wear a white blazer with.

When you pair them with a cute summer dress they immediately define a waist.
This is great for dresses that don't have a lot of shape with them to begin with.
Case in point, this lovely shift I scored at Old Navy for ten dollars.

They also look super chic for wearing at the office.
They add an instant sophistication when paired with a shirt and trousers.
I like to pair them with classic black pants and cute shirt for take on the black and white trend!

Do many of you already own a white blazer?
I just got mine a few weeks ago and I am obsessed now.

Need more ideas on how to wear it?
Check out a third look here.

Thanks so much for having me over today Bri!
And it was lovely to meet you all.
Feel free to stop by sometime and say howdy!

Posted on June 6, 2013 .