Guest Post: Jacquelyn from JustJacq

Happy Friday! It is SO nice to be back home. I even took outfit photos today that I'll be sharing next week once this amazing week of guest posts is over. Today I'd like to introduce you to Jacquelyn from justjacq - if you haven't stopped by her blog yet, you definitely have to. But first, check out what she has to say here.
Hi Work Clothes I Suppose readers!  I am so excited to be guest posting today because I have been seriously stalking Bri forever.  So much, in fact, that she was surprised she hadn’t heard from me about guest posting!  Guess I should slow my roll a little…. or not.

Anyway, guess I should introduce myself.  I’m Jacquelyn from justjacq where I write about food, fitness, fashion, and whatever else I can think of.  Fashion posts are a new thing for me but I am really loving the challenge.

Putting yourself and your outfits out there forces you to be creative and relatable every single time.
It’s also a constant reminder of what you look like, which can sometimes be a shocking reality.

Once I started taking pictures of myself on a regular basis I realized that I finally needed to get really serious about my health and fitness. 

So I’ve started monthly fitness challenges where I share my fitness journey with everyone to keep me accountable and hopefully encourage others.  I’m hoping that as I post more fashion posts I’ll see a change in the way my clothes fit.  Stop on by justjacq to see my current challenge!  I Instagram some really embarrassing pictures of me on a daily basis ;-)

Thanks to everyone who took some time to guest post for me this week. Make sure you swing by next week to see one of my favorite people ever. Hint: She used to take my pictures every day. 
Posted on June 7, 2013 .