Finally at home for an entire week and already I'm in a funk. Boyfriend left yesterday for 6 weeks of salmon fishing in Alaska, and we had a busy but wonderful weekend to send him off. But now reality has set in and I already miss him like crazy. This must be how he feels when I leave so often...

So anyway, this is an outfit from a while ago. Left on my camera at home last week when I was on the road. By the way - weren't all those guest posters great? I'm so lucky to have such amazing blogging friends who are willing to step in and help a girl out when she really needs it. 

This outfit was photographed using a tripod, and tripods don't tell you when your tag is up in the back of your shirt. They also don't tell you when your smile is super fake. So...sorry about that. Here's the best I got out of the batch. 

Shirt: BR Monogram
Slacks: LOFT
Belt: gift (similar)
Wedges: Seychelles (similar)

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Posted on June 11, 2013 .