Practically Poppy

For a girl who used to love wearing red, I really have very little left in my closet that would work for today, the final day of the PANTONE challenge over at Literately Stylish / Modern Austen. These pants are more coral to me, but in certain light they definitely are more red, so I'm gonna go with it today and call them Poppy. 

I'm in love with this outfit. I've done stripes with animal print before, but never quite like this. I hope I don't look back at this outfit in months and regret the pattern mixing! But I don't think I will. 

Jeans: Blue Essence (splurge, save)
Tee: J Crew Factory (similar)
Cardigan: LOFT
Flats: Steve Madden
Huge puff on top of head: All my own hair. Insanity. 


Now head on over to check out the actually poppy red outfits at Literately Stylish / The Modern Austen's link up.