I went so overboard this month on shopping. So overboard. A lot of it hasn't come yet (online ordering...darn Nordstrom sale really got me this year) so I may end up returning a bunch of these pieces. We'll see. 

I think two things happen when I start to travel a lot:
1. I come home from one trip and pack for the next on the same day a lot of the time, so I can't take the same items if they are dirty. This can make me feel like I'm running out of options pretty fast. 
2. I find weird times to shop and overbuy in order to have enough. This often happens with online shopping when there's a good sale I don't have time to try things on, or when I'm rushing through a mall trying to pick up a specific thing and impulse buy other things I see on the way.

I now really need to curb this activity in June. But for now, here's what I purchased in May:

1. Chambray Popover, $31.00

3. Roll Shirtdress, $49.49
4. Black Trench, $119.40

5. Cutout dress, $43.20
6. Lace back maxi, $50.00

7. Floral Watch, $28
8. Nude Flats, $18
9. Target Sandals (seen here), $16.99
10. Striped Popover (below, similar), $42
11. Steve Madden Sandals (below, similar), $18
12. Blue maxi (seen here), $52
13. Banana Republic Facotry black maxi (similar), $9.99
14. Printed LOFT pants (seen here), $12.99
15. Midi Rings, $12

Overall, this month was a rough one at: $525.46

I'm sure I'll be returning some of the Nordstrom purchases, and I'll also have to NOT SHOP AT ALL in June. Ick. 

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Posted on May 29, 2013 .