*I've been spending as many nights in hotels as at home*
*I've been reading blogs on my cell phone in airports, and haven't been commenting*
*I've been loving morning snuggle time in bed with my kitten when I'm home*
*I've been eating nothing but salads made with homegrown lettuce from my garden*
*I've been so, so tired*
*I've struggled to find time to work out on the road, and my body is noticing*
*I've been desperately trying to take outfit photos and to visit your TTT posts*
*I've been really, really happy*

Here are some outfits I snapped when in Vegas for work 2 weeks ago:
To run errands.  
To eat dinner with the team. 
To supervise the construction of our booth.
To eat dinner alone.

Thanks for sticking it out with me during this busy busy time. I miss communicating with you all through comments and emails and PROMISE I'll pick it back up as soon as I can. 

Posted on May 20, 2013 .