New Look

Welcome to the new Work Clothes, I Suppose!

First off, huge thanks to Tiffany over at Beautiful Dawn Designs. She definitely understood my style and exactly what I wanted this online place of residence to feel like. And she made it a place that I'm super happy to come work on every day. 

Second of all, farewell to my blog post naming convention. I may bring it back, but for now, I'm kind of over it. So now I guess you'll just have to guess what kind of day I'm having

Thirdly, I've been saving up some great outfit posts - the ones with Photoshop and a tripod outside and some way more inspired spring outfits - for this new look. So please come back tomorrow (and most days after that) to check it all out. 

Finally, grab a button from my sidebar. Throw it on your page, share it in a Third Thursday Threads post later this month, use it as you see fit. 

Oh - and of course - I'd love some feedback! So please leave me a comment with your thoughts and anything else you'd like to see over here at Work Clothes, I Suppose!

UPDATE: You may notice my Disqus commenting is down right now - it will be fixed before tomorrow's post is up! The normal google commenting will work until then.

UPDATE 2: Disqus is back up, but comments from this AM have not yet been ported over. They should be back shortly!
Posted on April 9, 2013 .