It's a Post With Weird Faces Kind of Day

I feel like I look like a huge b!tch in these pictures. I look all smug and judgey and like I really want to be better than you. Apparently when taking photos at 5:45am with a tripod, these are the best faces I can muster up. These were the best of the bunch, which gives you an idea of how bad the rest of them were. 

Anyway, here's an outfit I also found in my drafts on my blog. This outfit was from an unusually sunny day in early March when it was okay to wear a tank with an open-weave sweater and flats and not be worried I'd be freezing and wet. I think I'll pull some version of this back out once it is actually sunnyβ€”I really like the way the animal print pairs with the olive green pants. Then again, I like how everything pairs with these olive green pants, so I probably shouldn't waste them on a repeat outfit. 

Any fun plans this weekend? I'm going to have a day full of errands tomorrow (don't be too jealous, I know it sounds amazing) and then Dad's birthday is Sunday, so we're going to a birthday brunch to celebrate him! Should be a mellow and (hopefully) super productive weekend!

Posted on April 5, 2013 .