It's a March Budget Kind of Day

I did surprisingly well this month. Here's what I bought:

2. Nordstrom Rack Sleeveless Blouse in Gray (similar pictured), $29.90 $19.04
3. LOFT Box Pleat Blouse, $49.50 $29.17
4. LOFT Chain Link Ankle Pants, $69.50 $40.96

Had I paid full price for all of this, it would have been an expensive month, at $323.90. Luckily, I shopped during great sales and took advantage of some birthday discounts, some gift cards, and some Nordstrom notes, and only spent $195.99, staying comfortably under my $250/month shopping budget. 

I haven't posted photos in any of these items yet, but I have been wearing them a lot! Can't wait to show you!
Posted on April 2, 2013 .