I'm desperately counting down the days until Friday, when my roomie and I are headed to Lake Chelan for a weekend of wine tasting and relaxation. A wee little getaway. For some reason, I woke up this morning thinking I was halfway. And as soon as I realized it was only Tuesday, my day was ruined. 

But then I realized it was super sunny outside, I could wear my newish red ankle pants (can't wait to show you tomorrow) to work, and my hair curled perfectly in my sleep once again, and my day was much better. Halfway or not, today will be a good day.

I got this skirt years ago from my boyfriend at the time. I absolutely love it but don't wear it often because it is a bit too big and so it rides up. Worth having it taken in??? Help me out here, ladies. 

Sweater: J. Crew Factory
Necklace: ?? (splurge, save)

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Posted on April 23, 2013 .