April Budget

I'm still no good at keeping track of these purchases in an organized fashion. Which is crazy if you consider that a huge part of my job is budget tracking for hundreds of thousands of dollars of marketing spend. Apparently since I do it for work I hate doing it in my own life. 

But anyway, I promised I'd be linking up with Fran each month, so here's the post to keep that promise!

This is what I bought in April:
Floral blazer, Macy's, $51
Striped nautical blazer, Banana Republic, final sale for $21
Black scoop-hem tee, Banana Republic, $46 in-store and
Marisa Ankle Pants, LOFT, $28 in-store

Not pictured: 
  • Tweed blazer, not pictured even though I've worn it twice and no longer available online, $27
  • Black wool pencil skirt on HUGE sale at Banana Republic and no longer available online, purchased with $25 gift card from Avec Amber's giveaway MONTHS ago, $0 to me
  • Cream box pleat shirt with a gift card at LOFT, $0
  • The home tee, $25

I probably forgot something, which is why I'm going to get better at this each month this year. I promise you!! But nothing is showing up on my credit/debit statement that I didn't cover, and nothing is jumping out at me in my closet or recent photos. Lots of hand-me-downs this month from mom, sis, and grandma, so I gained a lot of things I didn't pay for, even with a gift card. Yay April!

Posted on April 30, 2013 .