It's a Post All About Glasses Kind of Day

It's interesting how when you have to do or wear something, you dread it every day, but once you don't have to do or wear it anymore, you kind of miss it. I wore glasses throughout my whole childhood, and hated it. Then I go and get LASIK, and I can't stop wearing my new glasses and I'm already dying to get another pair! And luckily GlassesUSA just came into my life.  

Here's the deal: they sell super cheap glasses - like most are under $100 and a lot of them are around $50 - and they are cute!! When Trav and I started looking around the site, we noticed that they had glasses for EVERYONE. They have super trendy big frames, the old school wire frames my dad and uncles used to wear, and the greatest prescription sunglasses I've found online, which Trav was jazzed about! 

Plus, they have this awesome tool where you can virtually try on a pair of eyeglasses, which I of course had to try. I always find these tools to be kind of funny and inaccurate, but I still love doing it before I place an order. I had a little break during a tradeshow and just sat in the lobby "trying on" a ton of different pairs - I had two favorites that are pretty different than the ones I already have. 

Some Ray-Ban very vintage-esque tortoise-shell glasses. 
Really love these Wayfarer-like glasses.

I think it's time to order glasses now, which I'll definitely be telling you all about! I highly recommend checking them out - and as an added incentive, here's a couple of discount codes you can use courtesy of GlassesUSA:
 For 15% off any glasses sitewide, and free shipping on orders over $50, use code FS15. 
For 10% off prescription glasses, use code Blog10. 

Here's the virtual mirror so you can try on some glasses of your own :)

*This is a sponsored post by GlassesUSA, but as always, the opinions are my own.*
Posted on March 1, 2013 .