It's a Pants 5 Ways Kind of Day

You guys. Huge problem here. This is supposed to be a blog about work clothes, and I had a hard time finding outfits that I've posted where I'm in traditional slacks. 

But since a big part of starting this blog was learning how to step outside that, I guess I'll forgive myself for not wearing slacks more often. Here are some of the times I've worn these amazing grayish brown slacks to work:

Pattern-mixed French-inspired slacks. 
Layered hand-me-downs and gifts with slacks. 
Brights and pastels with slacks. 

My old way of dressing - a tank and cardigan with slacks. 
A layered coral look with slacks. 

I was barely able to find 5 in order to participate in yesterday's 5Days 5Ways challenge (I'm slowly but surely catching up!). And with the stripes up-top, I can also link up with BDIB this month! 

Posted on March 27, 2013 .