It's a Five Things Kind of Day

Elissa from Professionally Petite tagged me in her "five things" post and...let me be honest - I usually hate these things, but for some reason, this time I've loved reading Fran's, Sam's, Sydney's, and so many more. So I guess it's time I do my own now! 

1. I have five tattoos.
(And want so many more). I got the first one on my 18th birthday, and the most recent one in early 2009. I'm sure I'll get more eventually, but am waiting for the right time, which hasn't come yet. They are all pretty well hidden because of work, so they haven't really made it onto the blog, for the most part.
"believe" on my right hip
A tree (the roots spell 'love') on my back.
3 stars on my right foot.  
A heart on the inside of my left ankle.
My favorite tattoo - the only color one - and I have no good photos of it. It is a sparrow (the tail is a breast cancer ribbon for my mom) followed by the words "alis volat propriis" (Latin for "she flies with her own wings"). 

2. This blog was originally called "Work Clothes and New Beaus."
 It was going to document my online dating adventures and my work outfits. I'm so glad that only lasted a couple of months...since Trav came back from the UK it has simply been "Work Clothes, I Suppose" and I'm so glad I still have a couple of the posts I wrote about him from the old blog. Someday soon I'll have to share our long and complicated (and amazing) dating story, which started 13 years ago.

3. I love the dentist.
I feel like this is one of the things people react to the most about me, but I really, truly do. My mom was the receptionist for my dentist growing up, so maybe that made it an easier place to like? My sister does not feel the same way, though, so maybe not. But I just love the feeling of the clean teeth after, seeing the x-rays of my teeth, and getting free travel sized toothpaste and a new toothbrush each time. I've never had a cavity, so I think that helps too.

4. I have a super green thumb.
And I love to use it. I would rather eat weird-shaped home-grown veggies than store-bought any day. I love picking flowers from the yard to fill a vase for a friend. I prefer to start from seed and am in awe at the transformation to a produce-creating plant every time. I can't imagine how much awe I'll have for my own body when I grow my own baby someday!

5. I have a serious yoga obsession.
Off and on for the last 9 years I've been really active in yoga. A lot of it depends on my work travel schedule, which makes it tough to stick to any routine. But when I can, I go a few times a week and feel amazing every time. I love hot yoga, but I prefer a heated power vinyasa to get a really good workout. I miss the college days when I was able to go every day and can't wait for a schedule that allows me to get back into it that much.

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Posted on March 12, 2013 .