It's a Chambray Shirt A Million Ways Kind of Day

Time to get caught up on this here blogging thing. I was so excited to learn about the 5 Days, 5 Ways series that Fran and Whitney decided to do this month (and honestly a bit overwhelmed by some of the days) and then I got super busy and didn't pull anything together. But I still want to challenge myself, so I'm going to just post a few times in the next couple of days to catch up. 

First of all, my chambray button-down shirt from Urban Outfitters. Here's how I've worn it:
Tucked into a maxi skirt. This is the reason I wanted a chambray, folks. This outfit, right here. 

Tied up over a maxi dress. I never thought I'd tie a shirt up, but I do really love this look. 

Denim on denim. Nuff said. 
Layered under polka dots. 

Under a crazy sweater with some riding-pant-inspired slacks. 
And for ways to wear your chambray versions 6-10, check out these other outfits: 
Posted on March 26, 2013 .